Why Choose Us

Competitive Prices

Lumar Marble focuses on marble wholesale and produces standardized slabs and tiles

Reliability & Experience

Lumar Marble experts choose stones quality and grades carefully and follow up processes from quarries to the clients.

Wide Variety of Colors

Lumar Marble contracts with several quarries to offer wide variety of colors

Marble … The Luxury of Nature

The word of marble was associated with luxury, and its natural colors were characterized by attractiveness and magic. Look around you in luxurious places; you will find marble on floors, in columns, on walls, in kitchens and bathrooms, in windows and stairs, even in sculptures and antiques.

When you use marble in your project, in your place or your work, you will fully feel the splendor of nature and the fragrant of history; as all human civilizations (Pharaonic, Babylonian, Greek, Roman, Islamic and others) were distinguished by their use of natural marble in their cultural edifices, in temples, palaces, markets and all the places that needed to be covered by the luxury of nature.

Natural marble is a metamorphic limestone, consisting of very pure calcite which is a crystalline form of CACO3. Marble hardens and gets its color through exposure to high heat and pressure in the depth of the ground over thousands of years.

Turkish Marble … Diversity and Competition

The processes of extracting and manufacturing marble in Turkey have developed greatly at the end of the last century and the beginning of this century. Now Turkey uses high technologies in extraction, manufacture and processing of marble. Turkey now owns 40% of the global marble stock, and Turkish marble is characterized by its diversity in colors and competition in prices, which made Turkey one of the first countries exporting marble in the world.

Lumar Marble … Originality and Distinction

Lumar Marble is one of the leading Turkish companies in stone and marble industry and trade. The experience of its team extends to more than 30 years in the manufacture of stones and marble, during which they worked with high efficiency, building a network of clients and projects spread in several countries such as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Egypt, Lebanon, Greece, Cyprus, Sweden, Ukraine, Germany, Australia, and Kosovo.

Since 2017, Lumar Marble started focusing on manufacturing and exporting Turkish marble (large slabs, 60×60 – 60×30 tiles, 100-150 stairs, and custom cuts for special projects). Therefore, established and maintained strong partnerships and contracts with a number of marble quarries in Turkey, and a number of specialized factories. Lumar marble exports marble with multiple finishes, including natural, polished, antique, and processed with the best materials and high tech machines.

Our Vision
For Lumar Marble to be a leader in exporting Turkish marble around the world within the best quality standards in manufacturing and packaging
Our Values
Lumar Marble aspires to maintain a strong position in the market and achieve its future goals by fulfilling the following core values

Strive for Excellence

Work on selecting the distinct colors and grades of marble within the chosen varieties, in addition to constantly controlling the quality before the products reach the customer.

Operate with Integrity

Work within highly organized governance to maintain standards of honesty and integrity.

Work Together

Build strong and distinguished relationships with suppliers, customers and employees, and work together to achieve the benefit of all.